Fire Safety Services

Three Divisions - One Company

Pyrene Fire Security Manitoba specializes in service. Our primary focus is the continuous operability of our client's existing fire equipment. With our three in-house divisions, we are able to provide multiple services from different disciplines with one call:

Fire Alarm


Fire Extinguisher / Kitchen Fire Suppression

These diverse divisions, professionally managed and scheduled, allow Pyrene Fire Security Manitoba to offer complete service packages. Our divisions work together to achieve 100% code compliance for our clients.

Certified Technicians in all Divisions

Due to the importance of fire equipment reliability and the associated liability, there is no room for the "jack of all trades, master of none" concept in this industry.  Each of our divisions has technicians certified in their respective field of expertise.   When we dispatch our technicians to perform a service, you can be assured they are certified for that specific task and type of equipment.  

No Subcontracting

Pyrene Fire Security Manitoba takes all the worry and hassle of multiple contractors away by offering all professional services in-house. With local ownership, clients can be assured of quality work at fair rates.