Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Code and Maintenance Requirements

Kitchen Exhaust systems are required to be inspected for grease building up as frequently as every month, depending on the type of cooking that the exhaust system serves.  Additionally, they are required to be cleaned regularly in accordance with NFPA-96 standards, a report produced, and a label affixed on the canopy and at every duct access point.  Pyrene Fire Security Manitoba exceeds code requirements by also taking before-and-after photographs of every system cleaned.  Please contact our office for more information on the maintenance requirements of your specific equipment.

Our Certification

All Pyrene Fire Security Manitoba kitchen exhaust inspectors/cleaners are Phil Ackland certified, and are City of Winnipeg Fire Protection/Life Safety Licensed Service Person(s).  We have multiple kitchen exhaust system inspectors/cleaners ready to respond to your service request 24 hours a day.


Pyrene Fire Security Manitoba is pleased to work with building owners and general contractors on the design, supply and installation of grease receptacles for new or existing buildings.